Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded fin heat sinks are normally used in forced-air-circulation environments, as there is no limitation on the fin height:space ratio. SNS Cooling offers bonded fin products with ratios as high as 40:1, as well as bonded fins with enhanced performance fin profiles, with an increase in overall performance by 10-20% (depending on fin height and air velocity).

SNS uses following methods to bond the fin and base:

Low temperature soldering material
RoHS compliant
Aluminum-filled, thermally conductive epoxy
RoHS compliant, to a max. working temperature of either 275 or 400 °F

SNS Cooling offers various combinations of base and fin materials as outlined below:

Base Material
Al Alloy 6061-T651, or
Al Alloy 6063-T5
Fin Material
Copper Fin C11000, Al Grade 1100,3003, 3005, 5005, 5052, 6061, 7075
Joining Method
RoHS Thermally Conductive epoxy, or RoHS Silver Solder

For a complete list of standard bonded fin base profiles, please click here. Please note that material / setup charges will apply if the quantity ordered is not sufficient or if material is not in stock at the time of ordering.

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