Liquid Cooled Cold Plates

Liquid cooling has a much higher thermal conductivity than gases, and thus a much higher heat transfer coefficient associated. Therefore liquid cooling is far more effective than gas cooling. Liquid cooling has become a popular designer’s choice in today’s ever increasing thermal load cooling requirement in many of the industrial applications i.e. laser, power conversions devices, transportation & many other high power density applications.


SNS Cooling Technology Inc. offers following liquid cooled technology products.

  • Direct contact cooling/ surface contact cooling technology
  • Gun drilled cold plate technology
  • Vacuum brazed cold plate technology (copper & aluminum vacuum brazed assembly)


Surface cooling/direct contact cold plates are in direct contact with device to be cooled, thus having minimum resistance to heat transfer. Aluminum Filled epoxy is used to fill any small size air gaps (max Thickness of epoxy layer 0.002” which in fact reduces overall thermal resistance of the cold plate by eliminating possible air pockets.) SNS offers wide range of standard cold plates and also offers custom cold plates to meet specific requirements of cooling area. For surface cooling/ direct cold plate technology, a tube of copper or Cupro-Nickel or stainless steel or aluminum tube is pressed in pre-cut groove. SNS offers leak proof design for inlet & outlet.


Please download the application notes for more details information about the standard cold plates offered by SNS & how you can order custom cold plates that meet your specific requirements.


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