Folded Fin Heat Sink

Heat sinks with folded fins offer many advantages. They maximize surface area while minimizing the volume of space occupied, offering optimal thermal performance. Folded fins are available in a wide variety of material with various fin densities. Folded fins can be attached to their base material with either thermally conductive epoxy or by dip brazing technology to reduce the thermal resistance & improve mechanical integrity.


When submitting a quote request, please specify the parameters labelled below for any plain crest folded fin drawings.

Required Specifications

Type of fin crest:

  • Plain flat crest
  • Plain semi flat crest
  • Plain round crest


Fin specification limits:

  • Fin Height: 0.100″ to 4.00″
  • Fin Material Thickness: 0.002″ TO 0.080″
  • Fins Per Inche: 2 F.P.I TO 24 F.P.I
  • Fin Material: Aluminum, Copper


Information required to order:

  • Fin type
  • Fin material
  • Fin material thickness
  • Fin height
  • Fin pitch
  • Fin width
  • Flow length


SNS Cooling Technology Inc. also offers fins in wavy & augmented styles. Please note that there are no standard folded fin products offered at this time – all products are built to customer specifications & requirements.


Please send us an email at [email protected] for any further inquiry / information.