Extruded Heat Sink

Air-cooling is one of the most commonly use methods of cooling adopted in the thermal management of electronic products, as it is free from any leakages. Click here to see the complete range of extruded shapes offered by SNS Cooling Technology. Due to limitations in fin pitch & fin height, the power dissipated using extrusion is limited; bonded fin, folded fin & liquid cooling can most likely overcome these limitations.


Material Grade: SNS offers aluminum extrusion in 6063-T5 grade, as it has a higher thermal conductivity (209 W/m-K) compared to other commonly used grades of aluminum (i.e. 6061-T651 with a thermal conductivity of 167 W/m-K) normally available in plate form.


Surface finish: SNS offers the following surface finishes for its extrusion products.


Surface Finish ROHS Status Applicable standard
Wash Yes Degrease Only
Black Anodize Yes MIL-A-8625F
Clear Anodize Yes MIL-A-8625F
Yellow Chromate No MIL-DTL-5541F-TYPE 1
Trivalent Chromate Yes MIL-DTL-5541F-TYPE 2
Electro-Less Nickel Plating Yes ASTM-B733
Nickel Plating (Electro Deposited) Yes SAE-AMS-QQ-N-290
Tin Plating Yes Lead Free


Please email us about your cooling requirements at [email protected] for design guidance or any further inquiry/information. We can assist you in designing the best, most cost-effective cooling solutions.