Bonded Fin Heat Sink

Bonded fin heat sinks are normally used is forced air circulation environment, as there is no limitation on fin height to fin space ratio. SNS Cooling Technology offers bonded fin products with ratios as high as 40:1. SNS uses following methods to bond the fin & base:


  • Low temperature soldering material (ROHS compliant)
  • Aluminum filled high Thermally Conductive Epoxy (ROHS compliant) as per following temperature rating.
    • low temperature resistance epoxy-max working temperature of 275 °F
    • High temperature resistance epoxy-max 400 °F


SNS Cooling Technology offers various combinations of base & fin materials as outlined below.


Base Material Fin Material Method of Joining
Al Alloy 6061-T651
Al Alloy 6063-T5
Copper Fin C11000
Al Grade 1100,3003, 3005, 5005,
5052,6061, 7075
ROHS Thermally Conductive epoxy
ROHS Silver Solder


Standard Bonded Fin
Click here for complete list of bonded fin base profile. Please note that material setup charges will apply if the quantity ordered is of parts ordered is not sufficient when material is not available in stock at the time of ordering.


Bonded Fin with Enhanced Performance Fin Profiles
Increases overall performance by about 10-20% depending on fin height & air velocity.


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