Bonded Fin Heat Sinks are normally used in forced-air circulation environments as there is no limitation on height-to-space ratio. SNS Cooling Technology offers bonded fin products with ratios as high as 40:1.

SNS Cooling technology offers crosscut heat sinks, pin fin heat sinks; fan heat sink made in aluminum & copper material, and a variety of other products. Conventionally, crosscut extrusion heat sinks are also known as pin fin heat sinks.

Free from any leakages, air-cooling is one of the most commonly used thermal management tools in electronic products. With limited fin pitch and height, the power dissipated using extrusion is limited, and bonded fins, folded fins, or liquid cooling may be the solution.

Heat sinks with folded fins maximize surface area and minimize space, thus offering optimal thermal performance. Folded fins are available in a wide variety of material with various fin densities, and can be attached to the base with epoxy or dip-brazing technology.

Heat pipes are used to transfer heat from a concentrated area to a larger surface area to efficiently dissipate heat. Heat pipes are available in various diameters, lengths & power handling capacities.

With a much higher thermal conductivity than gases, liquid cooling is far more effective, and is a popular designer choice in many high power density applications. SNS Offers direct/surface contact cooling, gun drilled cold plates, and vacuum brazed cold plates.

Due to limitations in tube bending, liquid cooling has certain limitations on its ability to cool effectively. These limitations can be overcome by using a custom designed aluminum or copper cold plate.

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